Advanced GURU Experience      


Pictured here is the GURU Experience fully-automated fit cycle machine.  With the built-in power meter, we can actually see the power being distributed through the pedal-stroke through an application we utilize called SpinScan.  As we make changes to cockpit through stack and reach adjustments, seat height, and crank arm adjustment, we can see, in real time, how changes affect the power distribution in a better or more negative manner.  Also, pictured here, is the motion capture application, and the saddle pressure mapping application.

 Everything, combined, equals the ultimate fit. 


 Included with bike purchase over $3,000

 Average time of fit: 3 Hours

Utilizes video motion capture, allowing for more precise measurements of body parameters. Built in power meter and pedal stroke analysis software allows for real time tracking of efficiency as position changes.

Saddle height, stack and reach can be instantly changed while the cyclist is on the machine, without having to change out stems, add or remove spacers, or loosen and re-tighten seatpost clamps, resulting in less time and effort.  The crankarm length can also be adjusted on the GURU Experience fit cycle. When the perfect fit is determined, we can then mirror those measurements on to your real bike.

Instant analysis of power, pedal efficiency, leg output symmetry, and more, using virtual reality courses.  Used to solve fit problems on an existing bike, for the best fitting selection in a new bicycle, or for mocking up a custom fitting bicycle, such as a Seven custom bike. The Advanced GURU Experience Fit is our flagship fitting, perfect for the competitive cyclist, the racer, or the weekend warrior who simply wants the best fit possible. 

Add saddle mapping for additional $60.00