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GebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping 

$150 / Average time of fit: 1.5+ Hours

We use GebioMized, the world leader in cycling pressure analysis tools. If you are experiencing persistent saddle discomfort or want to find the best fitting saddle for your riding style, our Saddle Pressure Mapping System is just what you need. This ingenious application shows you exactly where saddle pressure is being distributed, which usually correlates with where the rider is experiencing discomfort.

This system indicates, in millibars, where the highest-pressure points are. It also reveals symptoms of pelvic irregularities, bone mass buildup, and leg-length discrepancies.

By manipulating saddle tilt, height, fore/aft positioning, or changing saddles, we can work to alleviate pressure and find the solution to your saddle discomfort.

The cost of new components is not included in the price of the fitting. Installing new parts may require additional time or require a separate labor cost.

***Includes pre-evaluation consultation, up to 6 complimentary follow-up appointment(s) within 6 months of initial saddle mapping and outcome data.