Chris Richardson (International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI) Level 4) Cycling should be pain free and fun. Fortunately, most problems can be solved by carefully checking and adjusting your bicycle fit. A properly fit bicycle helps you ride longer & faster with less effort and decreases the chance of injury with proper positioning.We're experts in the science of bicycle fitting. We know that each customer is unique, and therefore has individual needs when it comes to his or her position on the bicycle. We have made it our mission to ensure that each customer's individual goals, physical strengths, and flexibility requirements are met.The Bike Doctor Fit Center will help you find the right bicycle geometry and position.

All Fit Services Include: Establishing Saddle Height, Angle, Fore & Aft, Handlebar Width & Drop, Stem Length & Rise,Upper body reach is adjusted for Comfort and Power, Check out some of our reviews on Slowtwitch.

Make an appointment today and kiss your pain goodbye!

Saddle Pressure Mapping $150

$75 with All New Bike Purchases or Add on to other fits. 

Use Saddle Mapping to fit the best saddle for you.

   Basic Static Fit     $100

Free with all Road Bike Purchases.

For existing bikes or new bike purchases:

  • Includes product consultation and recommendations.
  • Saddle height, angle, fore and aft.
  • Handlebar width and drop.
  • Stem length and rise.
  • Upper body reach.

Advanced Static Fit $200

  • Road and Tri Bike
  • Includes all aspects of Basic Static Fit.
  • Uses video motion capture allowing for more precise measurements of body parameters.
  • Assesses foot alignment, leg symmetry, and range of motion.
  • Adjust for cycling history, fitness level and injuries.

Advanced Guru Experience $300

Free with purchase over $3000

  • Utilizes video motion capture allowing for more precise measurements of body parameters.
  • Built-In power meter and pedal stroke analysis software, allows for real time tracking of efficiency as position changes.
  • Instant analysis of power pedal efficiency leg output symmetry and more using virtual reality courses.
  • Used to solve problems on an existing bike or  used to select a new or custom bike.