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Looking for a great local cycling group ride for all skill levels?


GII cycling began with three enthusiast cyclists who rode together for exercise, fun, and the love of the sport. In 2013, GII began posting rides on Today with more than 4,000 cyclists, their numbers continue to grow. GII hosts rides in the rural areas of Southern and Northern Maryland, DC Metro, and the Northern VA areas.

GII coordinates group rides for people who like to challenge themselves and improve their overall fitness level as the riding season progresses. The group is for anyone who enjoys cycling - at all skill levels. Their numbers include experienced riders who are happy to mentor new riders and help them to learn things like how ride in groups and basic bike maintenance. They are also a social club and just want to have fun riding.


The GII Race Team was established in 2015.  If you want to take your riding to another level, come out and train with the GII Race Team.  The team consists of Men, Women and Junior (ages 8 - 18) racers.  GII is the only club in the area that allows you to work your way up to race level  and become comfortable riding in a group by attending the GII group rides.  While training, develop your riding skills while enjoying the camaraderie of your team mates.  As a team, you will learn: Race Team Tactics, Bike Handling, Cornering, Pace lining/Drafting, Training/Racing Nutritional Needs, and Riding Efficiently and Fast.  Races This Season: Tidewater, Shamrock, Tour de Tysons, Black Hill, Carl Dolan, Bunny Hop, Ride Sally Ride, Shenandoah Speedway, and Daniel Harwi.

Woman's Race Team

Men's Race Team

Junior Race Team