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Standard Bike Fitting for your Existing Bike 

$100*** / Average time of fit: 1.5-2 Hours

If you purchased a new or used bike from elsewhere, or have never been fit on your current bike, this is the perfect fit for you. Ideal for cyclists without injuries and involves minimal component changes. If you are experiencing severe discomfort on the bike or have had surgery including joint repair or replacement, the Advanced Fit or Advanced Dynamic Guru Fit is recommended for you.

Pre-evaluation consultation includes a health/injury questionnaire, flexibility assessment and a goal/intended use questionnaire. Several landmark body measurements are taken to determine the best bike geometry for your unique biomechanics and riding style. With these measurements, we will compare the geometry of your current bike with your body measurements to see how we can best adjust the bike to create a better fit. If your current bike is the wrong frame size or geometry for your unique biomechanics or riding style, we can recommend the correct brand or model.

Next, we verify body position and angles by observing the cyclist riding the bike on a stationary trainer. Common adjustments include changing the stem length/rise or position, changing handlebars for improved reach/width, and adjusting saddle height as well as saddle fore and aft position.

The cost of new components is not included in the price of the fitting. Installing new parts may require additional time or labor cost.

***Includes pre-evaluation consultation, comprehensive fitting, up to 3 complimentary follow-up appointment(s) within 6 months of initial fitting and outcome data.