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Advanced Road Bike Fitting 

$250 / Average time of fit: 2-2.5 Hours

Free with bike purchase of more than $2,000

This is a more comprehensive road and mountain fit utilizing methods from multiple fit systems. Pre-evaluation consultation includes an injury assessment, flexibility assessment and a goal/intended use questionnaire. Several landmark body measurements are taken to determine the best bike geometry for your unique biomechanics and riding style.

This fit includes the following to achieve your optimal position for speed, power, comfort, and efficiency; Foot alignment, leg symmetry assessment, range of motion evaluation, gait analysis, foot tracing and cleat adjustment.

The next part of the fit is conducted on an indoor bike trainer in our fit studio. Here, we verify body position and angles by observing the cyclist and using Dartfish Video Motion Capture software.  Common adjustments include changing the stem length/rise, changing handlebars for reach/width, adjusting saddle height, saddle fore and aft.

The cost of new components is not included in the price of the fitting. Installing new parts may require additional time or labor cost. 

***Includes pre-evaluation consultation, comprehensive fitting, up to 3 complimentary follow-up appointment(s) within 6 months of initial fitting and outcome data.

(Book a Guru Dynamic Fitting for chronic injuries and symptoms that extend beyond cycling)